Images of Villages

2009 Falling8
2009-2010 Deep Green



Scuba Club

independent artists collective

Scuba Club Collective founded by Tamás Bakó, Imre Vass and Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi is an independent artist collective that started out in 2007 as a research project, where dancers had an opportunity to introduce and try out their new ideas on improvisation in weekly held sessions.

Images of Villages is an initiative of Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, a permanent resident in Belgium. The three Belgium residents of Scuba Club Collective are Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, Laia
Puig Escandell and Imre Vass.

Belamuhely is Hungarian music ensemble founded by theater director/musician István Rimóczi and musician Merse Varga. The ensemble creates musical instruments out of household waste materials, old bicycles, used metal containers and anything that sounds interesting, which is a creative way of recycling. These instruments generate sounds that are known to our ears, but are most often not perceived as music. They imitate birds, cars and many machines; for example, and are interested in recreating and crossing over music styles, such as techno, electro, folk, Balkan, South-American and Indian beats, all played acoustic.


Images of Villages

[Working title]
European villages become alive in the city

by Scuba Club Collective, Belamuhely and The First, the One and Only Slovenian Contemporary Dance Company

The project sets out to investigate villagers’ lifestyle in relation to the one of townsmen and/or citizens. It is focused on European rural traditions that historically set the ground for traditions present in urban environment of today and on comparison of these two, rural and urban.

It searches for similarities and differences between them on their formal, implementary and semantic levels, and explores possibilities of creating coherent street performance/ happening by utilizing musical, dance and theatrical elements that critically evaluate the perception of lifestyles.