Transnational creation between Ragroof Theatre (UK) and Cie. Vendaval (France)

Ragroof Theatre

Ragroof Theatre create work for outdoor or unusual spaces, taking inspiration from the sites in which they perform. They bring their work to the heart of the community; high streets, social centres, boxing clubs, dance halls, schools. They work in rural as well as urban, industrial spaces. They are a collective of individual artists with an extensive array of skills in dance, physical theatre, visual art, written word and curation.

Cie Vendaval

Carmela Acuyo Fernandez is artistic director and choreographer of Cie Vendaval; a dance/theatre company based in Toulouse (France) consisting of nationals from Spain, France and Argentina. Carmela has extensive knowledge and experience in contemporary dance, tango, and improvisation, multi-media, indoor, site specific & street theatre.



Ragroof are exploring an idea for a show based on a self funded research trip by two company members to Latin America.

The basis of this idea is how the inter-pollination of cultures in urban environments creates exciting new art-forms; how the interaction of cultures through music and dance overcomes the barriers of language, creating mutual respect and understanding. Their inspiration is the evolution of tango: within the walls of Buenos Aires’ 'Conventillos' (apartment blocks circa 1900) many musical cultures lived on top of each other; Spanish flamenco, Italian opera, German waltz, indigenous folklore, African drumming.... the mixing of these cultures in these neighbourhoods created, amongst other musical forms, the tango.