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Mr. Ivan Kralj

Gunduliceva 18
10000 Zagreb (Croatia)
Tel/fax.: + 385 1 4833 154

Mala Performerska Scena

November 2012

Mala performerska scena (Mala prsa) is a a leading Croatian non-profit organisation dedicated to the production, promotion and education in the field of circus, street art, performance, dance and theatre. In 2005 the organisation has launched Festival novog cirkusa (New Circus Festival), the largest Croatian project of contemporary circus that welcomes top international circus artists (often with their international premieres), but also supports the new creations of local circus companies. The festival quickly became the key player in the development of contemporary circus in South-Eastern Europe.

Besides the festival, the association organises workshops for circus practitioners (compensating lack of formal education in the region), but also provides first-time circus encounters – introduction courses for different marginalised social groups (Roma children, disabled youth, retired people etc.). Mala prsa operates Circus Information Centre in Zagreb, publishes a circus fanzine, books and other publications, organises conferences, residencies, street art projects, film projections, exhibitions, works on national cultural policies, cooperates internationally…

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