Artistic Management
Mr. Fabien Audooren
Business Management
Ms. Eva Bosschaert
Ms. Celine Verkest
Technical Director
Mr. Klaas van Doorne

Dok Noord 4F/202
B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
T. +32 (0) 9324 3663



19 - 22 July 2012

MiramirO originated in 1990 under the name International Street Theatre Festival. During the years it has become one of the most important festival organizers in Europe, with the organization of unique festivals in different Flemish towns: ‘MiramirO’ in Ghent, ‘Leuven in Scène’ commissioned by Leuvenement vzw in Louvain…

MiramirO offers a stage to a number of art forms: Street and circus arts, theatre on location, installations, plastic arts, dance… from intimate shows to big mass events. Anything is possible, as long as it takes place outside the traditional theatre room. Our festivals offer the audience a qualitative and surprising program. Because of the unique and contemporary nature of our organization we seek constant innovation. Moving boundaries through creation. That’s why MiramirO actively supports the development of new ideas and young, talented artists through it’s creation and production activities. Since many years we strive for the recognition of these sometimes unconventional arts with the big audience and the governments. Everyone has the right to enjoy art and culture, that’s why the MiramirO chooses for a wide audience. This all for one simple purpose: bringing people together in shared amazement.

MiramirO is subsidized by the Flemish government, the province of East-Flanders and the city of Ghent.
Besides the organization of the festivals MiramirO also has an extensive archive and documentation centre, which collects everything about arts in the public space and the circus arts. MiramirO also plays important roles in several European networks.

Foto publiek.1.jpg Cirq ulation Locale - Happy 4 Nothing - copyright Henry Krul (6).1.jpg Studio Orka - Berninna - copyright Henry Krul (5).1.jpg