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Artistic Director
Frédéric Rémy

Scènes de rue
Animation Culturelle - Ville de Mulhouse
Cour des Chaines, 15 rue des Franciscains
68100 Mulhouse (France)




SCÈNES DE RUE - Festival des Arts de la Rue, Mulhouse

26 - 29 July 2012

Voluntarily popular, artistic and festive, Scènes de Rue is a festival dedicated to street arts and an arts meeting. It offers a new reading of the city according to either intimate or imposing artistic encounters.

Scènes de Rue is an expression at a human scale, generating large gatherings of people, which advocates for free entrance and access to culture for all. Visual and sonorous, cheerful and intelligent, consensual and provocative, Scènes de Rue invades the city of Mulhouse and offers moments of sharing and meeting, spectacles for all audiences, but also spectacles which question our society about the connection of citizen and the city.

In this context, our aim is to develop a multidisciplinary program in which there are ‘coexisting’ projects led by established artists, with repertory works but also projects under development and maturing projects developed by emerging artists.

Scènes de Rue festival, beyond the mere distribution of ‘ready for use’ spectacles, must arouse common adventures and share them with everyone. To do so, it is required to open to all disciplines (theatre, music, dance, visual arts, circus, puppetry, sideshows, photography, cinema ...), whether contemporary or more traditional ones.

We see ourselves as intermediaries between the works and the audiences trying to optimize the conditions for the meeting.

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