El Guia

Transnational creation between Reial Companyia de Teatre de catalunya (Spain) and Metro-Boulot-Dodo (UK)

Reial Companyia de Teatre de Catalunya


Reial Companyia de Teatre de Catalunya was founded in 2006. The art directors and playwrights are both Laia Alsina & Jordi Centellas.
The distinguishing feature of the company is the representation of plays built specifically to be represented in a specific space, involving the landscape and the environment in the show.
With clear influences of the new foreign theatrical trends, like the Compagnie Dakar, Laika, DV8, Colectivo Patogallina, The Shunt Collective and of Catalan companies of long tradition like Albert Vidal or Els Joglars. Up to this moment they’ve done the following shows: Reality Tours, Bunny Me!, KURVA, RRReforma, and Invintisibles.



METRO-BOULOT-DODO (MBD) is a Leicester based organisation that consists of three talented artists who collaborate to create innovative cross art form performances. Since 1997 MBD has produced a strong catalogue of arts projects and a reputation for consistently creating work that combines high production values with innovative and contemporary presentation.


El Guia

El Guia is sited in a museum, exhibition’s room (art, photographies, sculptures, thematics, whatever, etc.). Audience will be dated there and they will start the visit with audio-guides or MP3 earphones. Surprisingly, the explanations won’t be of art pictures, sculptures or paintings... it will be about the museum’s employed and visitor people, creating a strong emotional and dramatic tour. It won’t be an installation, everything will be around this characters, their stories, relationships and worries with a voyeur point of view.

They’ll confront the audience with an intimate tour, putting the focus in another art in the museums, the human being one. People will visit the receptionist, cleaner, security guard… we are curious about the other side of their lives; who they really are and which thoughts, lives and hopes are they hiding while working.