TransAC / Meridians video, an overview of the actions

The video takes an overview of the residencies and performances that took place within the period of TransAC project 2011-2013.



Artistic mentoring and technical visits to finalize details of the coproduction 'De Plaga Cordis' by un'ottima lettera

Work in progress - Creation
June 2012
Professional visitor - Artistic mentoring

Evaluation meeting in Dublin with all the festivals members of TransAC - Meridians

TransAC Meetings
February 2012

On the 7th and 8th of February 2012, the festivals members of Meridians network participated in a meeting in Dublin (IE) to evaluate the first year of the project TransAC / Meridians.

The meeting mainly covered artistic and administration issues. It was given a special relevance to matters such as the dissemination of the co-productions and the East-West conference in Slovenia, actions that will take place along the second year of the project.


Scuba Club visits the Busójárás carnival in Mohács to find 'Images of Villages'

Work in progress - Research
April 2011

As part of the creation process of the TransAc co-production ‘Images of Villages’, Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi, member of Scuba, is researching on traditions to find similarities between distant countries and information about the legends behind some of these celebrations, to gather information for the production of the creation.

Getting ready to start the residencies period for the creation of ‘Exposició’

Work in progress - Creation
March 2011

The artistic company Reial Companyia de Teatre de Catalunya (ES) starts a collaboration with Jordi Oriol, a young and emerging scriptwriter and director, who will take part on the artistic process. Reial is also preparing the residencies period with Metro Boulot Dodo (GB) which will soon start.

Explaining the Meridians project to performing arts professionals

Invited by Circostrada Network the members of Meridians explain the project to key festivals and promoters of street arts in Europe.

Meridians General Meeting, Stockholm (SE) 23-26 January 2009

Meridians Members, Stockholm Jan'09    General Meeting, Stockholm Jan'09
Meridians Members, Stockholm Jan'09                           General Meeting, Stockholm Jan'09