European network for the performing arts in non-conventional venues

MERIDIANS is a European network for the performing arts in non-conventional venues which was established in 2006.

The network exists to promote the creation and co-production of works based on exchanges between artists and partners from various European Union countries, in order to spread intercultural and European creations in the field of the performing arts. These should inhabit and use the city as a stage to link its citizens to non-conventional theatre languages.

For 2010-2012 the Meridians network comprises the following festivals: Ana Desetnica (Slovenia), Mala performerska scena / Festival Novog Cirkusa (Croatia), FiraTàrrega (Spain), Inteatro Festival (Italy), MiramirO, Ghent (Belgium), Scènes de Rue, Mulhouse (France), Stockton International Riverside Festival (UK), Stockholm Culture Festival (Sweden), St. Patricks Festival (Ireland).

TransAC Transnational Co-production In Action 2011-2013

The main goal of the project is to create an opportunity for emerging artists and companies to develop new performance pieces that investigate fresh artistic expressions in the field of street arts and in non-conventional venues, and to match the commissioned companies with experienced creators to assist their artistic process. Underpinning the dissemination of the produced work, the leading arts festivals form a supportive steering group to enable the management of the project to be facilitated, ensuring that the resulting work is seen by thousands of spectators across Europe.