Four short form modules all written and directed by different creators


A tender and poetic story told on a backdrop of musical comedy

WRITERS Sandrine Furrer, Armelle Desprès (France) DIRECTOR Sandrine Furrer DRAMATIC SITUATION A couple and a lone woman in a old people's home.
An old couple, M. and Mrs Fiffe are quietly living out the end of their life together, they have their little rituals and try to maintain a sort of gaiety. Their neighbour, Mrs Chex, has evidently not been well treated by her earlier life and things since have not improved.She is embittered and quite obviously does not wish to change.

The relationship between these co habitants of an old people's home illuminates the fear of solitude, madness, loss of memory, dependance and the end of life.


An absurd and clownish story

WRITER Leandre Ribera (Spain) DIRECTOR Leandre Ribera DRAMATIC SITUATION In the style of the Russian Matruschkas, each character is manipulated by another

One window transformed into a puppet stage, a few dummy heads are telling a story from a tacky television series. Little by little it becomes apparent that this house is inhabited by a couple of a certain age, calm but rather particular. "He" is always clowning around to get a laugh, to catch "Her" attention. "Her", resigned, running her life quietly as if the madness "He" proposes is ordinary, having no bearing on her love, or consequence on their relationship which appears to be stationary, in pause, or a bore.

However in this story -the re-creation of this family life- the viewpoint is not our own but that of a child, a child god, enormous and small, reminding us that we are also perhaps only dolls in a toy world.


A caustic and biting tale

WRITERS Dik Downey and Vicky Andrews (England) DIRECTOR Dik Downey and Vicky Andrews DRAMATIC SITUATION A little 70 year old woman lives independently in her rather strange appartement

Irène, a little 70 year old woman lives capably in her home. Her window box garden is a regular breeding ground for birds,vegetables and bags of tea. She is watching the birds and trying to attract them when we hear, from inside the house, the voice of a child who seems to be enormous. Her little one is hungry!

She is going to feed him while standing at her window, hunting first a bird, then trying to catch a cat, a dog and even...a child.


A burlesque fantasy on a cartoon rhythm

WRITERS Mélanie Devoldère, Gaël Massé (France) DIRECTOR Mélanie Devoldère DRAMATIC SITUATION An obese but sensual woman who lends her voice to sex telephone work and a neighbouring couple, the husband dreams about being a pirate ravishing the opulent creature who inflames his desire.

An obese and sensual woman with her cat and her knitting lends her voice to sex telephone work. In the flat below live a couple in a tired and joyless relationship. The husband, small and lean, desires his neighbour. He fantasizes about being a pirate preparing to board her and dreams of being rocked against her opulent breast.


The story that links the audience from one tale to another, from one artistic universe to another

A large hand carved in foam, like the faces of the puppets, will cause the frontages of the houses. Slipping slowly, striking with the windows, scraping the walls, being stuck to the shutters, it will start noises, music, will react to conversations. Skilful or terribly awkward, cherishing or abrupt, it will be able to cause the anger or the admiration of the inhabitants of the buildings.

It will show finger, will dance a waltz, will cover rings, will paint the nails in blue or orange... taking along the spectators from one tale to the other, those which one will hear, those that one will see.

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