However big their hopes and dreams may be…
Ballet Corps/Machines Vidéo-Chorégraphique en espace public - ©2008
CONCEPT, SCENOGRAPHY & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Ali Salmi CHOREOGRAPHER ASSISTANT Nathalie Simon DANCERS Vita Osojnik, Sylvain Rembert, Frederico Strachan FORKLIFTS DRIVERS Marc Muckensturm, Benoît Chaudet, Bruno Uytter VOICES /SINGERS Bea Desmet, Eva Hren, Diego Paqué LIGHTING & TECHNICAL DIRECTION Jean Muckensturm SOUND SPACES Stéphane Marin VIDEO Michel Baudon

Creation supported within the framework of “Scénariser la ville – SACD et le Festival d’Aurillac”

With the support of la Région Lorraine, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication -DMDTS “Art de la rue”, DRAC Lorraine-, CULTURESFRANCE – Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Conseil Général de Meurthe-et-Moselle, des Affaires Culturelles de la Ville de Nancy et le Carreau, Scène Nationale de Forbach et de l'Est Mosellan.



Western-Europe, the new ‘Eldorado' of the world

Is it so strange that so many people want to come and live in Western Europe? Sad stories of boat refugees or of people hiding in trucks, who want to try and built a new life in Europe. They flee their country for economical, political, social or personal reasons. Reasons which we can't even comprehend. However big their hopes and dreams may be, this doesn't change anything about the disillusion of reality. But people keep dreaming.

Why endure so many dangers and risk your life to come here? Why does someone leave his home and his family without knowing when they will see them again? For a better life? Materialistic illusions of wealth and fortune?

The spectacle begins with a question.

Three paths between south, east and north. Three ages, three bodies confronted with their hopes, illusions, disillusions, supported by the encounter of three voices inspired by the strong vocal tradition of cultures of the West, the South and the North of our Europe.

Three containers - as industrial symbol for our globalisation, ‘Purchase value'- are placed in the middle of a public space in the city by means of three forklifts. Boxes of dreams, pandora's boxes which will open... Exposing three lives, three ages for us to see.

In the space of our towns a ballet of bodies and machines is written with the help of three containers and three forklifts

The spectacle Alhambra Container is about this tragic subject of exile, of a world in motion between dreams, hope and disillusion. You're invited to this encounter between the imagined and the real, traditions and modernity, fiction and documentary at the heart of our towns.



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